Project Managers

Good communicator, set clear vision, sound technical knowledge, good at team-building, strive under pressure, has effective leadership skills, good negotiation skills, empathetic, enthusiastic, good at problem-solving, great at programming..

About Us

Regimen Project Master Pte Ltd

We are primarily a clique of project managers who share the beliefs that we can deliver greater values to a project if left alone to do what we do best – managing projects. We believe we should report to and take care of the interests of one person and that person should be our customer – no one else.

Our track records include many turnkey projects (residential, commercial and industrial) and have undertaken numerous major structural sub contracts too. Selectively we still do such turnkey projects a few times a year. No job is too big or small for us.

Our customers value our input in projects, which include cost cutting measures, buildability, design and specifications. It is our beliefs that the customers tend to gain more if the situation allows liberal contributions and participations from all project members. We dislike following others blindly and know that we have our strength to bring to the project. Cutting cost and improving things are our forte and we sometimes travel far (literally) to get this done.

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