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About Us

Regimen Project Master Pte Ltd

The building and remodeling industry comprises of professionals in architectural and interior design; builders who build the structures and renovators who complete the interior spaces. In between these broad areas, we also have specialized engineers (mechanical or geotechnical), landscapers, M&E specialists, craftsmen, material suppliers & fabricators (local & overseas), installers and applicators.

At Regimen, we plan, design and execute projects by integrating all the resources needed into a seamless flow of events that lead to the successful completion of the project, achieving the customer’s objectives. To ensure that projects are not compromised, customers need someone who is experienced, someone who had done it a few hundred times before and that is why, they choose us.

Besides working on turnkey projects, Regimen also offer management contracting service, help developers import building materials and rescue & recovery for abandoned projects. As part of our effort to give back, we also offer mentoring service to new comers in the industry. We back worthy individuals, firms or companies who require an experienced hand to guide and lead them in navigating the complex processes in building projects.

Minimum Project Size we undertake:
Landed houses & factories (A&A, Re-con or New erection) – $150,000.00 to $6,000,000.00
Home & office interior remodelling – $100,000.00 and above
Buildings & standalone structure – $200,000.00 to $6,000,000.00

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